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U.S. Prosecutors Say Ex-Frontpoint Hedge Fund Manager to Waive Indictment

In a move that could presage a plea deal on insider trading allegations, former FrontPoint Partners PM Chip Skowron reportedly has waived his right to an indictment. (view story)

Bank Said No? Hedge Funds Fill a Void in Lending

Hedge funds are lending to customers who have been rejected by traditional banks, but there are risks for those involved. (view story)

Eisman to Leave FrontPoint Partners

Steve Eisman, the colorful hedge fund manager who made a fortune betting against the subprime mortgage market, is leaving FrontPoint Partners, which has been decimated by an insider trading scandal. (view story)

Former FrontPoint Manager Charged With Insider Trading

Joseph F. Skowron, who specialized in health care funds, also faces charges for conspiring to hide his role in an illicit trading scheme, prosecutors said. (view story)

FrontPoint Presses On, With a New Fund to Help It

The hedge fund linked to an insider trading case had been expected to give up a search for investors or even to close, but it has rebounded instead, raising more than $1 billion for a new fund. (view story)

Rabbi in extortion case talked about FrontPoint

While FrontPoint Partners recently fell under the glare of media attention when one of its portfolio mangers was alleged to have traded on inside information, the alleged activity was initially flagged in the course of an unrelated extortion investigation involving another manager. (view story)