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Paulson sees 50 pct chance euro zone will break up

John Paulson, founder of Paulson & Co., reportedly sounded a bearish tone on the viability of the European Monetary Union on the latest investor call. (view story)

Paulson tries to bounce back

After watching assets decline nearly 50% over the cousre of the last year-and-a-half, Paulson & Co. appears to be stabilizing on the strength of a sticky capital base of employee investments. (view story)

Paulson Funds Fell In June As Rally Undercut Euro Wager

Bearish bets on the Eurozone appear to have stung Paulson & Co.’s June performance. (view story)

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New Mexico fund to stick with Paulson for now

The New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association plans to remain invested with Paulson & Co. despite recent performance hiccups, though embattled Diamondback Capital Management may not be so lucky. (view story)

Jim Chanos, Bill Gross, Understand Wall Street Protests

Kynikos Associates founder Jim Chanos and PIMCO’s Bill Gross expressed sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement even as Paulson & Co.’s John Paulson, a recent target of the protestors, took a less charitable view. (view story)

Paulson faces big test as clients mull future

John Paulson and his Paulson & Co. are the focus of intense speculation ahead of an upcoming investor  call and an Oct. 31 deadline for submitting redemption notices for several funds that have struggled this year. (view story)

Paulson loses more in September, fund now off 47 percent

Paulson & Co. reportedly had a rough September, as bets on an economic recovery didn’t pan out, leaving one of the firm’s large funds down nearyly 50% on the year. (view story)

Morgan Stanley paves path to Paulson, again

Morgan Stanley reportedly is steering some of its HNW brokerage clients to a new Paulson & Co. fund even as the hedge fund suffers a rough patch in its performance.  (view story)

Citadel Follows Paulson in Pre-Rout Bet on Regions Financial

Citadel appears to have joined Paulson & Co,. and a handful of other hedge funds betting on Regions Financial, an Alabama regional bank group that has suffered mightily in the recent market downturn. (view story)