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Soros bid to quash insider trading conviction fails

George Soros was unsuccesful in his effort to overturn a 2002 criminal conviction for insider trading. (view story)

Soros Says Europe, U.S. Turmoil Reminds Him of Soviet Collapse

Soros Fund Management’s George Soros equated the current state of the economy in the U.S. and Europe to the end phase of the Soviet Union, when government fiat masked the reality that the financial system had already collapsed. (view story)

Ex-Soros Trader Bessent Returns to $25 Billion Firm as CIO

Scott Bessent, Soros Fund Management’s former head of Europe, has repoed to the firm after an 11-year absence. (view story)

Soros to End Four-Decade Hedge-Fund Career

Soros Fund Management is returning capital to outside investors as founder George Soros wraps up his career managing outside money. (view story)

Soros’s Quantum Holding 75% Cash Leads Hedge Funds Baffled by Instability

Soros Fund Management’s Quantum Endowment Fund is three-quarters in cash and it is not the only large fund to flatten its risk profile going into what could be a turbulent period in global markets. (view story)

Soros warns Greek default ‘inevitable’

Soros Fund Management founder George Soros is urging European leaders to take steps now to mitigate the fallout from what he describes as an “inevitable” default by Greece. (view story)

‘World Does Need Order,’ Soros Says

The billionaire financier George Soros talks about global financial regulation, European bailouts and Carl C. Icahn’s latest letter. (view story)

Soros Favored Gold, May Have Sold Petrobras

Soros Fund Management in the second quarter stuck with his big bet on gold but may have sold his holdings in Petróleo Brasileiro. (view story)