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Grassley Asks Falcone for Records of FCC, White House Contacts

The top GOP senator on the Judiciary Committe has asked Harbinger chief Philip Falcone and his LightSquared telecom company for records of contacts with the executive branch. (view story)

Lawmakers tell FCC to protect GPS from Falcone

A pair of GOP legislators warned the Federal Communications Commission of the possible threat represented by a Harbinger Capital Management-backed wireless network to the global positioning system. (view story)

Falcone’s LightSquared Prompts European Concerns of Interference

Harbinger Capital Partners’ wireless venture LightSquared is coming under scrutiny on the heels of a European Space Agency report questioning its potential impact on the GPS network, a vital component of air safety. (view story)

Falcone’s LightSquared, Sprint Agree to 15-Year Network Accord

Harbinger Capital-backed LightSquared has found a deep pocketed partner to help it develop next-generation wireless services. (view story)

Falcone Wireless Venture Said to Consider AT&T Capacity Deal

A Harbinger Capital-backed cellular venture is negotiating with AT&T for 4G network capacity. (view story)

Harbinger Capital Says U.K. Wrong, Northern Rock Shares Worth $531 Million

Phil Falcone’s Harbinger Capital maintains its shares in Northern Rock are worth more than a court appointed valuation expert says they are. (view story)

Harbinger’s Falcone gives details on SEC probes

Harbinger Capital’s 2010 financial statement included new disclosures about ongoing regulatory investigations. (view story)

Many Hedge Funds Still Smarting From the Financial Crisis

About a third of all hedge funds are struggling to reach their historic highs from before the downturn so can collect profit again. (view story)

Falcone’s Harbinger Lost 19.5% in Illiquid Fund

Harbinger Capital’s side pocket marked its side-pocket fund down sharply in 2010, according to an investor letter. (view story)