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Court Tosses UBS Lawsuit Against Highland

A New York appeals court scuttled UBS’s lawsuit claiming fraud on the part of Highland Capital Management in the restructuring of a collateralized debt obligation. (view story)

Highland Capital Will Take Until 2014 to Return Frozen Hedge-Fund Money

Highland Capital received approval from a majority of investors in its flagship Crusader Fund for a plan to return capital over the next three years. (view story)

Highland Capital Sued by Houston Pension Plan Over Failed Crusader Fund

An investor has sued Highland Capital in connection with the restructuring of its former flagship fund. (view story)

Update: Highland has issued a statement in response. (view story)

Highland Capital Sued by Own Fund for Contract and Fiduciary Duty Breaches

A trust affilliated with Highland Capital Management is suing Highland in the latter’s capacity as adviser for allegedly renegging on a commitment to buy two loans from the trust. (view story)

Farallon, Highland, Others Dodge a $480m Bullet

Farallon Capital Management and a handful of other hedge funds won a major legal victory when a district court threw out a lower court’s fraudulent conveyence ruling regarding Tousa Group. (view story)