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Paulson Flagship Funds Keep Losing Money in August

Paulson & Co. sent out an Aug. 5 investor communication stating that redemptions have been relatively benign even as the firm’s flagship fund continued to see performance challenges in the first week of August. (view story)

Paulson says welcomes Bank of America settlement

As John Paulson, whose Paulson & Co. is one of Bank of America’s largest shareholders, publicly lauded BofA’s settlement over its mortgage portfolios, “people familiar with his portfolio” also moved to quash rumors that he has been dumping the stock. (view story)

Paulson Trims Bank of America, Sells Entire Goldman Sachs Stake

Paulson & Co. reduced its exposure to several global financial institutions in the third-quarter, according to filings. (view story)

Paulson Disclosure Plan ‘Intimidates’ Lehman Creditors

A group of Lehman creditors is balking at a propsal floated by Paulson & Co. to require the lenders to reveal details about their trading in the bankrupt bank’s securities. (view story)

Paulson Top Pick AngloGold Delayed in Colombia as Billionaire Boosts Stake

Paulson & Co. has been building an already significant stake in an international gold mining conglomorate even as production costs skyrocket at one of its most promising properties. (view story)

Paulson Takes $1 Billion Hewlett-Packard Stake, Adds to Gold Bet

Paulson & Co. reportedly has established a $1 billion position in Hewlett-Packard and is adding to his commodities bets. (view story)

Lehman’s Creditors ‘Seriously’ Consider Proposing a Third Bankruptcy Plan

Certain noteholders of bankrupt Lehman Brothers, whose lenders include–Angelo, Gordon & Co., Silver Point, and Oaktree Capital Management–are considering filing an alternative restructuring plan that would compete with two plans already submitted. (view story)

Drop in Gold Prices Hurts Hedge Fund Manager

John A. Paulson is known for his exposure to the precious metal, but the billionaire manager’s primary gold fund fell 12 percent in January. (view story)

Paulson’s New Highly Regulated Hedge Fund

The famed money manager who bet against subprime mortgages is trying to lure large European institutions with a new share class of his flagship fund. (view story)

Paulson’s Flagship Fund Up 12 Percent

Advantage Plus, John Paulson’s flagship fund, jumped more than 12 percent last month, recovering this year’s losses and bolstered by a surprising September stock-market rally. (view story)