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SAC Capital’s Cohen Opens Up

The founder of SAC Capital Advisers, the $12 billion hedge fund in Stamford, Conn., discussed his favorite stocks and a whole lot more. (view story)

Rabbi in extortion case talked about FrontPoint

While FrontPoint Partners recently fell under the glare of media attention when one of its portfolio mangers was alleged to have traded on inside information, the alleged activity was initially flagged in the course of an unrelated extortion investigation involving another manager. (view story)

Cohen Moves Deeper Into Oil

SAC Capital Advisors, the hedge fund firm run by the billionaire Steven A. Cohen, increased its stakes in Exxon Mobil and BP during the second quarter. (vew story)

Novartis Leaves Door Open to Pay SAC, Minority Shareholders More for Alcon

Novartis is signaling that it may be prepared to boost its bid for shares owned by SAC Capital and York Capital. (view story)